Turn Of The Century Customers

Turn Of The Century proudly serves companies throughout the Continental United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.

Below are a few of the companies with which we work:

BMW is a company with thousands of showrooms and offices world-wide.
Need:  BMW needed a way to check on their inventories independently, especially their motorcycle inventory. A bad economy can create bad situations at the dealer level.
Turn Of The Century has provided for their need for 10 years. With field reps across the continent, we are able to provide services and consistency that would not otherwise be available on a local basis.

First American Credco and First American Registry
The First American Corporation is the nationís leading provider of business information.

Tracing its history to 1889, First American continues its commitment to service by providing the information resources businesses need to make timely and accurate decisions. Backed by industry-leading technology systems, First American delivers efficiency to support your business information needs.

With over $37 billion of assets under management, 500,000 customers, and 87 branch offices in the U.S., Canada and Europe, CitiCapital is the second-largest and among the fastest-growing U.S.-based commercial finance companies.
Need: CitiCapital needed a way to keep track of their wholesale financed assets such as, Bobcats, golf carts, forklift tractors and other heavy equipment.
With a proven track record, Turn Of The Century attained the level of service to visit all of their dealerships, even in the smallest communities, at no extra costs.

The CIT Group is the world's largest commercial finance company, with over $53 billion in managed assets. Through our comprehensive array of financing services, CIT is positioned to meet the needs of companies in all stages of the business cycle.
Need: CIT needed a way to obtain post closing inspections, reconnaissance inspections, and photo service.
Solution: With a proven track record, Turn Of The Century attained the level of service in doing this in a timely manner and at the lowest possible cost.

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