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TURNer Of The CENTURY inspection services began in 1979 in Wyoming. Using the name 'Old West Services', the company was involved with national mortgage companies who were in need of a service to call on their delinquent accounts. 

Our services included interviews with homeowners, securing and clean-up of vacant properties in preparation for conveyance back to the lender or, in most cases, the government, since these were federally insured homes. Insurance loss inspections, credit card acceptance inspections, environmental audits and collateral inspections were just a few of the services we rendered. 

In 1985 the corporation TURNer Of The CENTURY was formed. Our territory coverage continued to expand eastward. Field representatives increased to over two thousand by 1989. In this year the corporation sold the mortgage property inspection service and focused on collateral inspection and inventory verification. 

At the beginning of 1998 a total of nearly three thousand field reps, mostly independent contractors, were doing inspection work for us. 

In 1996 operations of the company began in the United Kingdom. A small branch is also located in Cairnbulg, Scotland.

Our Main Office:

Office Front:

Winter View:

Company Members:
Mr. Brent Turner, President

Mrs. Arlene J. Turner, Vice President

Lewis P. Alcala, Vice President

Company field reps we're particularly proud of

6 Ascutney Park, Windsor, Vermont 05089 
Tel: 802-674-5338 Fax: 802-674-6848
If visiting Vermont, find information on the state here

United Kingdom / Scotland:
Nineteen Mid Street, Cairnbulg, Scotland AB43 8WJ 
Tel: 01346-582282 


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